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I know this may sound funny, but goats really do need toys to keep them busy. Goats appear to me, to be naturally curious creatures. If they don’t have some way to fulfill this curiosity, they tend to  get into trouble or become more destructive to their surroundings. So, it has been my experience that if they have toys and other things to climb on, they tend to be a bit more happy and contented.

So, in this post I will show you what toys we have and discuss some that we have in the plans to make. The first thing we did for the kids was to put the old swing set in with them. They enjoy the side and surprisingly the swing too.

We plan on putting a wooden ramp to the top of the slide so they go from the top. Right now they jump up on the slide as far as they can and slide back down. As for the swing, they put the front feet over the swing and move back and forth with it. Once they are done with the swing they simply jump over it to get down.

We knew they would need shelter, so we used an old desk that hubby attached plywood to the back of so that it has three sides to keep the weather out. This has actually ended up being double pupose. They love to jump on it and I have seen them use it to play king of the hill.

These spools are great. They love to jump on them and jump off. We have found that you can’t put things like close to the fence though or they will use them to jump out of their pens. Mischievous little things these kids are.

I think the one thing I found really surprising was that they also likes balls and stuffed animals. With the ball, they will actually push it around with their noses and play with each other trying to keep it away from the other. I love how playful these babies are.
As for other ideas, we plan on using pallets to make different sized stacks to give them something to climb on as well. I want to do a teeter totter as well. A small round object and a long wide peice of wood will work perfectly for that. I can’t wait to get some of my other ideas in play. I will be sure to update this post when we do. What are some other ideas that one could use to keep goats happy?
Have a great day!

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