Shop Construction

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you have probably seen pictures of my husband’s shop burning to the ground and pictures of the aftermath of cleaning it all up. Well now, a new shop is in works and almost done. He finally has the front and back on it, but I don’t have pictures of that yet. I do have pictures of his construction along the way though.

For about 2 months, he only had the bars up because we had to wait until we could find some tin that we could afford to finish it off. So now he has the basic structure up and at the point when this was taken, he was putting in the support bars for the front and back of the new shop. Because the shop burnt down, he didn’t want to build out of wood again. So this time it is all metal. Even the tables inside will be metal. No wood in this one.

He has been working on this completely by himself, so he had to come up with a way to hold the cross bars while he welds them into place. The bar that is horizontal is what he came up with to do just that. As he got to the top, he had to cut the bar shorter so that it would fit between the bars. He is so good at making what he needs if it’s not something he already has.

To make these, he just used a piece of pipe with a fence clasp on the bottom to hold it where he needed it to be. In doing this, he could place the pipe and weld it in place without having to try to hold it in place as well. I love that he can manufacture what he needs if he doesn’t already have it. I will say that it does take him a bit of time sometimes to get something done, but he always gets it done.

I will update the post in a day or so with pictures of the front and back that he has done now.

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