Reusable Storage Bags

I received these reusable storage bags for free or at a discount for my honest review. This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. To see my full disclosure click here.

I love finding new products that allow us to have less garbage going to the dump. We are working on being more self-sufficient so that we rely less on the stores and other places that cost us money every month. Finding these bags has been great for my home. Using the plastic storage bags, they are only usable once, these on the other hand can used over and over.

These bags lock just as well as your regular plastic bags. I love that they have the larger gallon size bag because this is the one that we tend to use most often. However, they also have the quart or sandwich size and the snack bag size so I will be getting those soon too.

They give you a brush that is supposed to be used for cleaning, but honestly it is so small it really doesn’t do any good with these bigger bags. It may work with the smaller one’s but I don’t know about that yet. So once I get the smaller bags I will have to update this post to let you know on that one.

Over all I really like these bags, and even though the brush isn’t the right size for these, they are still easy to clean and reuse. I know that I will be using these for the foreseeable future and ordering more at a later date.
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