Farm Truck

A while back we picked up this little electric scooter/bike/dump truck. Aarron actually bought it for me, but little did he know that he would be the one using it all the time. It is a quick easy way for him to get from one end of the property to the other. We are on 1 acre, but it’s a long acre rather than a square that most seem to own. Our property is not very wide, but it’s pretty long so getting from one end to the other can take a min on foot. With this scooter, it’s quick and easy.

This scooter runs on an electric motor or if that fails it has peddles as well. The bed folds up into a seat for another person, the tail gate drops down, and the bed lifts for a dump bed too. This thing is so very handy around here that now we don’t want to part with it. Hubby, Aarron, has also added some items to it so that it is more handy around the homestead as well.

He added this vice to the side so that anytime he needs to do some work on the back part of the yard, he has the ability to do so and hold whatever it is he is working on still for whatever he needs to do. He uses the generator to power his welder. The generator fits very nicely in the back there of the dump bed so it’s also easy to carry around with him. He can put the welder on the bed just in front of the generator. It’s easy for him to get it to where he needs to work rather than trying to bring the work to his shop.

So this little impulse buy that we made a few years ago has really become a valuable part of the homestead. It’s amazing what you can find when you’re not even really looking.

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