Cress’ Pen

Cress’ pen was actually the third goat pen that was made. It buts up to Huckleberry’s pen and the back fence which are two of it’s walls. We didn’t have a lot of chain link so hubby put a section of wrought iron pool fencing that we had and attached it to the back fence. From there he put the gate up on the side of  Huckleberry’s pen and ran the section of chain link that we did have from the pool fencing to the gate.

This pen was originally made to be a birthing pen for the girls last year. However, they surprised us by delivering a month earlier than we were told they would as they were pregnant when we got them. So both delivered in the main pen. Thankfully they were only two in the pen at the time.

The point is, that we use what we have on hand at the time the pen is needed to make the new pens. Hubby just makes sure that they are fairly strong to withstand the goat’s torture. The roof on this pen was some metal sheeting that we had here on the homestead.

Most of our pen are adjoining so that we don’t need as much material to make them. We have found that in doing the pens this way, they need to be repaired a little more often because lets face it, goats are hard on their pens. But they work and they hold them as they are supposed to.

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