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So, you’ve decided to start your homestead and you get your first animals, but you have no money to buy things to make a pen. What do you do?  Well you use what you already have naturally. Or at least that’s what we did. When I was given my goats, we didn’t have the money to go get materials to make pens so my hubby used what we had available. In this case, it was a couple gates, t posts, and pallets. This is what he came up with:


It’s a fairly good size pen that adds on to what we already have on the property. Of course this is not the first pen we built. This is the last one we have built for the time being. He put the T posts into the ground and then lined up the pallets along the way. He tied the pallets to the T posts so that they won’t be easily pushed over.

Now this pen went up were the vehicle gate to back yard was at. It looks like this:

So he had to make sure that we could get the vehicles through the other side too. To make this happen he used a couple gates that we had laying around doing nothing and put them on the other side.

The RV back there makes up the final wall. He attached the pallets to the RV so they won’t fall down and the goats can’t get under the RV to get out of the pen.  We don’t keep the goats in their pens during the day usually. They have a half acre that they get to run in the day time. We only use the pens at night for a little extra predator protection.

So it is possible to make pens on little to no budget. We do this all the time. We repurpose just about everything we can. Once it no longer works for it’s purpose it becomes something else or a part of something else. This also helps us to reduce our garbage that we send to the dump because we reuse most everything we can.

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