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So what do you do when you have a homestead and you need a tractor? Well you use what you have. My husband is so good at making something out of what is available to us. That is what he did when we decided we needed a tractor but didn’t have the funds to purchase one. He made one out of a lawn mower that he traded for. The first thing he did was make it a scraper so that he could fix all the holes in our driveway. He did this by adding a blade on the front deck of the mower to move dirt around the yard as needed.

We have a tractor but it needs a motor and we haven’t been able to come up with the one it needs at a price we can afford so again he started making what we needed. He put the bucket on the back of the mower so that he could use the hydraulics from the mower to run the bucket from the tractor.

He welded some brackets on the back of the mower so that the bucket would fit the mower. Now we have the tractor that we have so desperately needed. I’m not sure how he comes up with these ideas of his, but he is so good at it.

So now, we have a grader for the front yard when it is needed, and a tractor for the back yard when it is needed. I love that my hubby is so good at fabricating whatever it is that we may need. He did the same thing with all of our pens in the back yard. I will be going over those in the next few weeks I believe so stay tuned for that.

I will be showing you how you can still run a homestead even if you have little to no money right now. All you need is a little space and someone that knows how to makes things that he or she may need.

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  1. As a single woman, that is one of the things I miss about having a man around! LOL Seriously, it is often necessary to make the most of what you have. Looks like your husband is very clever.

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