What Type of Laying Box Do You Need?

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. To see my full disclosure click here. So what type of laying boxes do you need and how many? Honestly, my first answer to this would be none! They won’t use them. At least mine don’t. We have several laying boxes all over the place and they rarely use them. The more birds you have, the more laying boxes you will supposedly need. I also find this to be incorrect. Of course this is just my experience, but they all want to lay in the exact same spot. So, how many will you need? Well that right there is the question isn’t it. According to many experts they will say you need 1 box for every 2-3 birds you have. So with that said, I should have around 10 or so boxes. Which I do, but they all generally use one or two of the boxes, if they use them at all. It’s been my experience that we have to do an Easter egg hunt every day. They seem to lay where they are when they need to lay, or they find spots around the yard that are apparently more attractive than the boxes we have for them.I will tell you that I don’t have anything fancy that you can get at the feed store or anything like that. Because there are some nice ones that you can get like this one, or this one. If you want to spend the money. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on this either. Taking a que from my girls, we have come up with some boxes that they seem to actually use and like. I’ve heard that they like to be secluded which is why the spot they lay pictured below probably works pretty well. For this one we didn’t spend a dime. We just added to the corner to make it a little safer for them.

Hubby made this nice box into the chicken coop. They don’t use it at all.

This is another one that hubby threw together with some chicken wire and plywood that actually do use, although many of them lay behind it instead of inside it.

Another type that hubby put together using plywood, nails and some wood glue are these tepee type boxes that a few of them actually use. We have several of these around the yard.

So in conclusion, what you use for your laying boxes really isn’t as important as will your girls use them. We are still trying different things and have a few other boxes around the yard that get used occasionally, but it’s usually the makeshift items that the girls seem to find most attractive. We do, however, have one girl that wants to lay in hubby’s shed no matter what else we offer her for a box. If your girls are all in one coop, it’s a little easier to train them to lay in one spot. If they are all over the yard though, it’s a bit tougher to do that. Have a great day! Renee

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