How to Tell if Your Goat is Pregnant

So you got your goats on the homestead and you think one goat is pregnant, but how do you know for sure? Is there a way to tell for sure? I have the answer to those questions for you right now.  The most effective ways to tell if your goat is pregnant is either doing a test or checking with a sonogram. Both of these are by far the most accurate way to know for sure that your goat is pregnant. However, what if you don’t have the money to do either of these options? What then? Is your Goat Pregnant   See the white goat there? That is Astra. She is my herd queen. This means that she runs the herd. I am about 90% positive that she will be kidding in February. I say 90% because I have not done a sonogram or a blood test to find out for 100%. I can tell you that she looks like she is going to give us at least 2 kids this year. So, why do I think she’s pregnant and how do I know this? Well the first thing I do is pay attention to my billy. He will tell me when each of the does go into heat by being a blubbering mess anytime they get near his pen. Does go into heat about every 21 days or so. When Astra went into heat, we put her in with Huckleberry for a few days. Then you just watch for the next month to see if she goes into heat again. If not, she is likely pregnant. We put her in with Huck in October, so that means her kid(s) are due in February. To determine the due date I use this calculator. Goat is Pregnant So after putting Astra in with Huck for a few days, I wait a month and then just watch Huck to see how he reacts around her. If he becomes a blubbering mess, the she is likely not pregnant. However, that is not what happened. Huck ignored her which tells me that she is likely pregnant. Then you just watch to see if she starts to show. Astra should be kidding next month and she is now getting really big. She is right now bigger than she was last year when she gave us one buck. So I believe there could be at least 2 kids in there this time but we will know for sure in about 3 weeks. I am so excited for the babies to get here.   Goat is pregnant We are in the waiting phase for Falene right now. I will have an idea if she is pregnant or not around the 15th of January. So here’s to hoping that Falene is pregnant too. The girls gave use 2 beautiful kids last year. One buck from Astra, and the doe Pictured above is Flower from Falene. I am looking forward to seeing what beauties they will give this year. The nice thing is though, that the babies this year will be purebred La Mancha babies. Have a great day! Renee  

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