Compost Uses Other Than the Garden

This post has affiliate links. This means that if you click a link and make a purchase I make a small commission at no cost to you. So you’ve started your compost. Now what? I will give you different compost uses to help get you started with using the compost you are making. We picked up this composter (pictured below) here a while back and we weren’t sure how to start. So I did a lot of research to find out what goes into composting and what you can’t put in it. Compost Bin   The most common use for compost is in the garden. It doesn’t matter if you garden in pots, raised beds, or the ground, compost will help to get your garden off to a great start. Compost, among other additives, provides you soil nutrients that the plants will need to grow. We have been learning what goes into good soil and I really didn’t realize what all was needed. I still don’t understand a lot of the why though. compost garden However, we use our compost for other things as well. If you keep chickens, this make a great coop bed. It will have worms and other items they can dig up. My chickens love when we change the coop floor because they know that will provide more goodies for them. The plus side of this is that when we clean up the coop, the soil now has fertilizer in it too.   Another way that we use our soil is in the pig pen. Pigs love to root around in good soil. We do this for two reasons. The first is this gives the pigs a good bed or dirt to root through. Second, after they are gone, we use the pen to plant in. This has worked really well for us because we can plant things in it that the goats and chickens will eat. Once the plants have started to really grow, we take the pen down and let the animals in. This also helps to cut down on the food bill for the rest of the animals. Plus, once again, the soil will already have the fertilizer in it. Just till the ground to mix it all up and plant.   There are so many different uses for the soil you make composting. You could also use it to start a lawn if that’s what you wanted to do. This is really good soil so it could be used anywhere you need soil at. I love to use it in the garden though as that’s where it’s best put to use. However, don’t discount the other uses that this soil is good for.

Compost uses

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