Beemoon Car Phone Mount

I received this Beemoon Car Phone Mount for free or at a discount for my honest review. If you would like to see my full disclosure click here. I think this one may work out really well. The clamp holds on tight. I love the fact that it’s a clamp and not a suction cup. Those always seem to fall off no matter what. Beemoon Car Phone Mount This mount clamps onto the vent with a spring loaded clamp. To me this says that it will stay put because it’s not easy to open that clamp. Then you slide your phone into the mount and it will stay put. As you slide your phone down into the mount, the side clamps come in until they are holding tight to your phone. Either way, this phone mount should hold your phone steady for the duration. I love it’s not a suction cup mount because I have never had one of those to stay put. The suction always gives out and usually right in the middle of your drive. So frustrating! This one will not have that problem since it clips onto your vent in the car. Beemoon Car Phone Mount Beemoon Car Phone Mount Beemoon Car Phone Mount

Beemoon Car Phone Mount

  You can get this on Amazon here: Have a great day! Renee

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