Blogging 201: Make the most of your Archives

TGIF everyone!

Today is all about the past! Why? Because the archives section of the blog shows your posts from the past.

I have already added this to my site but I wasn”t sure if I should or not. So today”s blogging 201 told me I was doing something right….YAY! I know I worry to much about the little stuff but I am new and still really have no idea as to what I am doing…lol. I guess one could say that I am playing it be ear…which in itself is a little scary for me. I like to have a plan.

Another suggestion that was made was link content to previous posts. I”m not sure how to do this yet but I will figure it out and start using this as well in the future. Maybe I could add this to my goals for the site. Hey! look at that. Thank you McCallister sculpture for the information on how to do this.

Well today is short and sweet. I have a lot of homework to do still today.

Have a wonderful day!

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