Blogging 201: Give em What They Want

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So, today is about the stats. Looking at mine (which is mighty slim at the moment since I”ve only been up and running for about a week) I am actually quite impressed. I already have followers! Granted for the time being it is only 3 but in line with my goals I am working on that part as well. I know that we are supposed to publish our best stuff on the day that we have the most views, but I am not quite that organized just yet. I usually write the post and publish it the same day…lol. This is yet another thing I guess I need to work on.

As I was looking at a few other blogs, some say they set up something to publish a post ahead of time so they can write it and leave it I guess. I think in the future this may be something I will look into, but for the moment I will continue to do it this way.

I have to say, that for a new blogger, this blogging 201 course has been a lifesaver. I really wasn”t sure what I was doing or going to do for this. I just knew that I wanted to start a blog. I wasn”t sure what I wanted to write about (and I”m still or how to go about it. The girls (and/or guys) that are running this thing are amazing and have a lot of good information so far. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the course will bring.

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