Blogging 201: Read all over

OK, for today”s assignment we are to make sure we are “read all over”. What this means is to make sure our blog looks good and is readable across all devices. Personally I prefer working from my tablet, but we all have our own favorite way of reading blogs. So, for those of you who use your tablet, computer, and yes even your phone should have a pretty good view of my site. According my customizer   on the phone my site should look like this:

Screenshot (1)

Which is just about the same way it looks on my tablet with a few exceptions. The Sidebar menus are at the bottom of the screen instead of on the side, but I guess I can live with this as there really is no other way for it show on a phone…;)

The tablet seems to look pretty much the same as the computer but obviously a little smaller. All in all though, from what I can tell, my site should look pretty good across all devices. If not, please let me know and I try to tweak it a bit more to ensure it does look good. Of course any and all reviews of my site will be taken into consideration and greatly appreciated. With that in mind, any suggestions on how to make it look better would be very helpful to me as I am so very new at this.

Well I gotta run. School work awaits…YAY!(Can you see the sarcasm here…lol). Have a great day!

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