Life with anxiety sucks! It seems that every time I need to go somewhere it kicks in high gear. As long as I am just sitting here at the house it really isn”t a problem. My daughter gets so upset that I cannot seem to leave the house most days. I imagine that has got to be hard on a teenager, not being able to leave the house because mom can”t drive her anywhere.

I think though, I have finally found a medication that works for me so I have been getting out a little more often. Of course, not very far most days. This is awful when you need to go grocery shopping and the nearest store is 20 miles away. Thankfully I have a very understanding husband who usually drives us in on the weekends. I just know that for him the weekends are the only time that he can relax and because of me he has to go to town again.

I keep working toward finding the reason behind my anxiety so that maybe I can do what everyone seems to think is the way to get over anxiety and just “get over it”. That would be great. I”ve been told the only way to work through it is to figure out the reason behind it. I would so love to do this as I am tired of not being able to just jump in the truck and go. I used to spend my days off from work on the road. I saw the grand canyon this way and the petrified forest (If  you are going to the petrified forest don”t make the same mistake I did and go in February…lol. There was snow on the ground still). Now I am lucky if I can even go to the Giant station a few miles from my house.

Anyway, I will continue to work on finding the cause of my anxiety and continue living one day at a time until I do.

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