I made my first two loaves of actual real bread and the family LOVED them! They only lasted over night…LOL. I love trying to make new things and actually getting it right!


I have a bread machine but the bread is so big that no one would use it. So I figured I needed to do something different. I found this recipe and gave it a try. It really was so easy. It takes a while but what good thing doesn”t take time…Right?

The outcome was amazing! It has just a touch of sweetness to it that makes it perfect with or without butter (or anything else for that fact). My father who only eats wheat bread even loved this and told me he would use it if I were to make it every day. I picked up a bread slicer guide for almost nothing at a yard sale in the area so I can even cut it into neat even slices. I think I learned the hard way though that the best way to cut bread is after it has cooled. Every time I would try to cut it just out of the oven it would squish and not do very well.

I have been trying to do more from scratch since it is so much more healthy than store bought junk. However, my family does not seem to appreciate this…LOL. They believe I am only doing this because I have too much time on my hands. Like raising a family, cleaning the house, going to school, and working a part time job leaves me much time. But I guess let them think what they will. Apparently I am pretty good at making it look easy I guess.

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