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Ok. So on the slowing down I am not sure things are going so well as I seem to be more busy lately than usual. LOL. I am beginning to wonder in this fast paced world, if one really can slow down.
I have come across a few good ways to make money from home and most of them require mostly nothing but clicking a few links.  One I have already received payment from is Inbox dollars. They give you $5.00 to sign up and send you email that you click the link and earn money from. They also have other things you can do to make money. They require $30.00 before you can cash out and it usually takes me a couple weeks to a month to come to this balance. The link to sign up if interested is http://www.inboxdollars.com/?r=ref15111663.
Another one that I like is Mypoints. This is another one that pays you for doing certain things. I have also been paid on this one several time. They don”t offer a link to sign up but if you do sign up and are asked if you were referred please mention my name.
Ebates is another site that pays you to shop online. They send a check every couple of months and you earn cash back on purchases you make online. If you do any online shopping at all this is one to check out. The link to sign up is http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=A%2F%2BXP%2FRtQW2pKMMpZNQW9w%3D%3D&eeid=26471. I have already been paid by this one twice so they do pay when they say they will. My next check comes next month!
These are the only ones I have actually been paid through so far but I am looking at other websites similar to these. I will post them here also if they actually pay out. I would hate to post something that I am unsure of. So look forward to seeing more links like this.

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