USB Cord Review

I received this Multi USB cord for free or at a discount for my honest review.

This cord has just about any charger connection that you will need. It has the USB cord and 5 connectors to choose from. So you will never be without the charger cable you need.

USB Cord

This has a charging cord for just about anything you might need to charge. There are 2 micro USB connectors which is the connector for most newer Android phones. There is a mini USB connector, a Type-C connector, and Iphone connector for SE/5/6/or 6S, and the USB 2.0 which will plug into any USB connector for charging. This has a connector for just about every electronic item that I have which is great because I can just leave this in the car and have a charger for everything.

USB Cord

You can purchase this item Here on Amazon.

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