Online Test Prep Review

I received this membership to the online test prep in order to do the review for this post. This did not influence my thoughts or opinions.

Cadell Prep online test prep is available for students online who need help with preparing for tests that one will take throughout school such as math and the SAT. I was able to enter into the site and evaluate how I felt about this as a resource for students. I have to say I was fairly impressed and wished that I had been able to find something like this when I was in school.

Online Test Prep

Once you get into the dashboard, you can look at your account to see what subscriptions you have available and other options to choose from. Across the top of the screen, you can pick from the subjects that are available to you or the test prep that is available to you.

These are just a few of the subjects that I was able to go into:

Online Test Prep

In the test prep section, I went into SAT math fundamentals and this is what you can study on these:

Online Test Prep

This is only a part of the list. There was still more. When you get into the lessons, the first thing you see is the overview. Then it moves into a video explaining the math item that you chose to study. Then it will ask you a question to allow you to use the item that was discussed in the video.

Online Test Prep Test Prep

When you answer the question, it will tell you if you are right or wrong, then it goes to the screen below that explains the function again and what the answer is.

Online Test Prep

I can see how this would be very valuable to many students, especially those who may be struggling in math like I did in high school. If you want more information about this opportunity you can go to the website and the first page has all the information you could need, including pricing (which is great for what you get out of it in my opinion).

You will find the website for Cadell Prep Here

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