Rose by Mercedes Benz Through Fragrance Market


*I was compensated for this post with Rose by Mercedes Benz by Fragrance Market powered by Brandbacker. All opinions are completely my own.*

Fragrance Market is trying to get the word our about their exclusive scent – Rose by Mercedes Benz. This fragrance truly smells like Rose too. The packaging for this perfume is very nice.

Rose by Mercedes Benz


As you can see, it”s nothing too fancy, but still looks good. Classy, if you will. To purchase this, go to Fragrance Market online. The link will take you directly to this fragrance.  Click on add to cart and then pay. It”s as easy as that. It took about 4 days for this to get here so the shipping is pretty quick too.

The scent of this perfume actually smells like roses. I know several that I have bought in the past had the name, but really didn”t smell like it. This one does! The bottle it comes in is nice also.

Rose by Mercedes Benz


Isn”t that pretty. I will warn you though, the scent on this is pretty strong. It will last all day if you put it on heavy in the morning. I used one spray on my wrist and I could smell it for most of the day. At first it”s pretty strong but it does tone down after an hour or so. If you have a difficult time with strong scents I wouldn”t recommend this even though it does smell heavenly. The best part about this is that I was also given a discount code for you! If you order use discount code 10OFFBEST for a 10% discount on your order. I know that if you decide to make the purchase you won”t regret it.

Let me know if you try this scent by dropping me a comment below.  Let me know what your thoughts are on this particular fragrance.

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