Microfiber Sheet

I received this microfiber sheet for free or at a discount for my honest review.

I shied away from this type of sheet for a long time, because to me, microfiber is too rough and grabs at my skin. This sheet though is amazing!

Microfiber Sheet http://fave.co/2oFQmEv

I am completely amazed at how soft this sheet is. Microfiber has always grabbed at my skin since it”s not exactly soft with how much I do outside. So, I tended to stay away from this type of sheet. I am now extremely glad that I was given the opportunity to review this, but it”s so soft! I never would have thought it would be, but it really is. The pictures don”t do it justice because you can”t feel them. Trust me on this, they are soft though. I now want more of these sheet sets.

Microfiber Sheet http://fave.co/2oFQmEv

You can get this sheet Here on Amazon.

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