Tophatter Experience


*This is a sponsored post*

I had the opportunity to use Tophatter for shopping. I have to say it was an interesting experience. You go to the website at and sign up for a free account. Once that”s done you can start bidding on items in the shop. The deals page looks like this:


It”s a full page of deals that you can bid on. Many items start at $1.00. I managed to get a mp3 player and an alarm clock with weather details. The site is extremely easy to use. After signing up it will take you to the deals page and you can start bidding. If you use the link above you will get a $10 credit to start you off.

The shipping service was pretty fast too. I got the items in about a week. This is a fun easy way to find and get the products you want at a lower price that you would pay elsewhere. Again, that”s Have fun shopping!

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