Make Wall Color Work For you

If your home always looks perfect, your kids never test your patience and you never feel stressed or overworked, you probably won’t be interested in finding out that the paint color used throughout your house can help balance the energy and serenity within your home. If, on the other hand, you could use some help with getting your kids to settle down for nap or bedtime, make mealtime a fun experience, get the whole family to exercise more and create a place of tranquility for yourself, keep reading, help is just a paint can away.

Forget Being a DIY Hero

Before exploring how color affects mood, it’s important to note that painting the walls of a house may not be the perfect DIY project for you. If you”re already functioning on overload, painting is not a project you should try to pencil into your schedule. Let residential painters who can have the equipment to do the job professionally and efficiently come in perform an amazing transformation in your home.

Energizing Colors

Red, orange and yellow are good color choices for the family room, kitchen and exercise room. Exercising together can be an activity that is beneficial to everyone’s health. Yellow is considered a mood-lifting color. Painting the bathroom walls yellow could be a good way to get everyone’s day started off in a positive manner.

Calming Colors

Light shades of blue, green and purple are considered good choices for a bedroom. Light blue and lavender are considered calming colors. Green can be used in several areas of your home. The shade of green you select should be compatible with the mood you’re trying to create. Light shades of green are soothing in a bedroom while brighter shades are a refreshing choice for a dining room.

Get Creative

To create your personal tranquil escape, consider painting your bedroom wall brown and choosing a calming color for the other walls. A brown accent wall encourages you to explore a variety of decorative ideas ranging from romantic to exotic.

Painting the walls in each room of your home is a simple change that can make a positive impact on the atmosphere in your home. With all of the activity that a busy family has going on, it’s comforting to know that your home truly can be a place to recharge and relax.

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