Diaper Bag Review

I received this item for free or at a discount for my honest review. This diaper bag will be getting a lot of use in the next months. I will post an update later on how well it holds up. So far, though, loving it!

Diaper Bag Review http://fave.co/2lhnMX0

This diaper bag came with another small bag that one could use for a purse or to keep the smaller items, such as diaper rash cream, from getting lost in the larger bag. This bag has several pockets that will be very handy for holding everything you will need for baby. There is also a bottle size bag for holding the bottle so it doesn”t leak all over the inside of the bag. It feels like it could be insulated, but I”m not completely sure on that one. There is a changing pad inside this bag as well. Of course every mother knows how handy these are in a pinch.

Diaper Bag Review http://fave.co/2lhnMX0

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So far, I love this bag. I will do an update later to let you know if it holds up well. My grandbaby will be here next month so it will be getting a lot of use after that. I know that a few of the bags I had when my littles were younger really didn”t hold up well, but I loved how they looked. These are my first impressions of this bag thus far. I”ll let ya know how it works out in a few months.

I received this item for free or at a discount for my honest review.

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