Baby Clothes and Chalk Board Labels

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So, the strangest thing happened to me the other day. I got two packages in the mail (baby clothes and chalk board labels), that I have no idea where they came from or why. The only thing I can figure is that they wanted a review on the items, however, they are not through any of the services I do reviews for. So, I”m going to do the reviews on these items and if you sent them to me, please let me know so I can credit them properly.

Baby Clothes

This outfit that was sent to me is the cutest thing I have seen a long while. I can”t wait for my grand baby to get here. She is going to look awesome in this. The outfit is from the Aikobaby brand. I was able to find this outfit Here on Amazon.

Baby Clothes Clothes Clothes

Is that not the most adorable outfit? It”s made of 96% cotton and 4% Spandex. It”s a little bit stretchy, but not to the point of being able to fit a 3 yr. old. I love the polka dots on the top and bottoms of this outfit. The dog on the shirt is adorable and I like that it adds a pop of color being pink. The bunnies  on the legs are cute too and also provide a little color as one has a blue bow and the other has pink bow. I can”t wait to see my grandbaby in this.

Chalk Board Labels

I use chalk board labels all the time and on everything! So there is no doubt that I will use these often. The marker is nice and it works well too. I was able to find this set Here on Amazon as well.

Chalk Board Labels Board Labels

These are Kitchen Supreme labels and are supposed to be made of the highest quality vinyl. I have never used anything from Kitchen Supreme before, but so far I really do like these. The marker writes well and it drys fairly quickly. It”s easy to use (I mean how hard is it to use a marker right?). The wipe off easily with a damp rag. So far, like I said they are working great.

So that”s it! Again if you are the person(s) who sent these to me, please reach out to me so that I can properly credit you for these items. Any Thank you for sending them to me.

Have a great day!


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