I Got My Pig! – New Animals on the Homestead

What a week! We finally got the pig I”ve been talking about for months. As a surprise, I got two goats with the pig. So the homestead is really growing now. I just don”t think the chickens enjoy having the goats around too much as they keep eating their food.

Bacon - Pig


Kira kept asking what we were going to name him. She wanted something like Porky Pig. At first I told her we weren”t going to name him because he was going to be food but she insisted. So I would like you to meet Bacon! I just hope she doesn”t get too attached to him in the 6 or so months that he will be here. I have to say, I didn”t think that pigs got lonely, but every time I go out to the animals, he starts making a ruckus, like come see me! It”s quite cute.

The goats are pets though. No eating them.

Midnight - Pig


This is Midnight. and the one below is Star. Again Kira named them.

Star - Pig


They are both male. So, if I get a few females I could start raising goats too! Oh, I bet my hubby would love that one!  I almost forgot, we also got some new baby chicks. I will have to get pics of them to post soon. The one”s I hatched in the incubator are growing fast and will be introduced to the flock in the next couple months I think.

So that”s what”s been going on around here. What have you been up to? Leave a comment and let me know. I do read every one and try to respond back as well.

Have a great day!


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