Teach Your Children to Sing Songs

December is so full of fun and togetherness – a wonderful time to pass traditions down to our children. Kids love this time of year mainly for the presents and gifts they know they”ll soon be receiving. One way to teach them about the holiday season is to teach them songs. You never know when you”ll find that one of your own is a musical prodigy!

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There are many programs at this time of year that are open to the public, also. For those who want to have special tutoring in music and even in singing, there are places online that can provide professionally designed courses but to just listen to children singing is a great way to get your own kids involved, too. This past year, there were children singing Hanukkah and Christmas songs at a local park. It was so beautiful. They really put their hearts into it.

Regarding the kids who were singing, I”m not sure if the younger ones understood the entire meaning behind it, but I know the older ones did. I always make sure to explain to my children Hanukkah song meanings. You have to do this to make sure they understand or they can hear a certain word wrong (and it happens to all types of songs, not just Hanukkah ones!) and then you, well, they, have a completely different meaning for that song. And the way the misunderstanding can end up getting sorted out can range from slightly funny to completely embarrassing!

Since kids learn by watching us grown-ups (even if we don”t feel so grown-up all the time, and to think about it, that”s probably when they watch us the closest!), what we say, what we do, what we eat, and just our attitudes in general, we need to pay attention to our own attitudes and actions. Keep promises made to others, and treat others in a decent way, even if they aren”t in your presence. One thing to make sure is to give your kids a thankful attitude, one where they know that they could have less than what they do have, and to always try to help others when possible. Those are attributes that, for too many people, only come out in the last two months of the year. We might not have the music all year long, but a change in people”s attitudes toward others would be a fantastic thing every day of the year!

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