I Need a Name!

We have had an exciting few weeks here at home lately. We are working on putting up a pen to get a couple pigs. We have been working on a compost pile rather than throwing everything into the trash can.  We have been working on trying to bury the water line we just put in but got caught with freezing temps this week. Needless to say, it”s been a rough few weeks.

If you”ve followed me on Instagram, you have also seen that a couple weeks ago we hatched 5 baby chicks. The daddy is a Barred Rock Roo who is gorgeous.

This is Tigger the Roo

Momma of the chickens are several of my hens. I know there is one that is a bantam from Little Bit or Little Brat

This is Little Bit. Little Brat looks identical but all black.


Then I have the “The White Ladies” who are 5 Leghorns that I can”t tell apart.

I actually have 5 of these White ones so they have been dubbed “my white ladies” because I can”t tell them apart.


There is Momma:

This is Momma


And my Rhode Island Red who has been named “Red”

This is Red. She was my first chicken.


So, now I have 5 babies from these chickens and they are making their debut today on the blog.



This is McGyver. She got this name because she managed to get out of the brooder within a few hours of being hatched.

My name is Tweety, because of my color


This is Tweety, as in Tweety Bird because of her coloring.

My name is Flower because she reminds me of a skunk with the white stripe on her head. Flower, from Bambi


This is Flower. She has a white stripe on her head that reminded me of a skunk, which is what I would have called her. However, my daughter remembered Flower from Bambi so that is how she got her name.

Little Bo Peep


This is the one Bantam out of the group. Her name is Little Bo Peep. She got her name because she is always peeping.

I need a name 🙁


This sweet little lady still doesn”t have a name. So I am asking for help with naming her (or I hope it”s a her anyway). She is so sweet and so quiet. She is has such a great personality blooming that I can”t wait to see how she behaves when she gets bigger. I need help coming up with a name for this sweet little girl.

Please leave me some ideas in the comments and I will let ya”ll know what we choose.

Have a great day!



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