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Copper Mug

This copper mug is perfect for making Moscow Mules or keeping any drink a little colder for a little longer. Just toss the mug in the freezer for a frosty mug.

Copper Mug

I like this mug. It seems to keep my cold drinks colder for a little bit longer. This mug cannot go in the dishwasher and has to be hand-washed. I think this may be the only drawback on this product. You can put it in the freezer so that your drink has a frost to it. The packaging says that you shouldn”t use the mug immediately after placing hot liquids into it. I imagine this is because the mug will also be hot. In other words, a little common sense is needed when using this mug.

Copper Mug

You can get this item here on Amazon.

I received this item for free or at a discount for my honest review.

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