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Mastering Photoshop in 1 Week

Mastering Photoshop in 1 week is a fairly comprehensive guide to using Photoshop. I recently purchased a copy and have been unable to use it. After going through this e-book, I think I have a decent idea on how it all works now.

Mastering Photoshop in 1 Week

This e-book goes over the basic functions that one will need to know to use Photoshop. This is a beginners guide to using Photoshop so if you have the basic features down, this book is not for you. However, if like me, you have no clue how to use the program, this book will help.

It goes over features such as:

  • The options bar on the side
  • The file menu on the top
  • The layers menu on the top
  • The filter menu on the top

As well as many of the options in each of these items. You can see from the 2 pictures (Top picture: in the e-book, Bottom picture: my Photoshop screen) that the 2 are not identical, but I was still able to find each feature the author wrote about. I found the easiest way for me to learn the program was to go through each demonstration the author spoke about.

In doing this, I think I can better remember how to use each feature later. Of course as you use it you will become accustomed to how it works, but if you”re like me and can”t seem to figure them out on your own, this book could be just what you need. You”ll be using Photoshop like a pro in no time.

Mastering Photoshop in 1 Week

You can get this item here .

Do you use Photoshop to edit and create images? I love to hear what you think about the program.

I received this item for free or at a discount for my honest review.

Have a great day!


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