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Christmas Eve

What are your Christmas Eve traditions? I would love to hear them. We usually all get together for dinner and do a present exchange with just my immediate family. I would love to say this is a small intimate gathering, but I have too many brothers and sisters for that…lol.


This has always been my favorite time of year. The Christmas spirit is strong within me. I love the music, I love getting together with my family (no matter how crazy we are), and I just love the general feeling of the time of year. I am all for giving this time of year. I have tried to instill in my children that this time should be about what you can do for others rather than what you get.

I know with the way of the world now, this is not an easy task to complete and I have had many challenges over the years in trying to instill this in my kids. Of course, like every other child here, my kids always wanted the biggest and best, newest things on the market. I think that now that my kids are older, they really understand the meaning behind Christmas.

As for the meaning, I am not talking about the birth of Jesus here. I am talking about the good will toward men. I only wish this could be something we see all year round now. Any how, I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday!

Again, what are your traditions for this Christmas season? I”d love to hear them.

Have a great day!


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