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Salmon Oil for Pets

This salmon oil for pets has a lot of good stuff in it. Just as salmon is good for people, it”s good for your pets too. Many great benefits of using this oil for your pets.

Salmon Oil for Pets

Salmon oil is good for the brain and it”s no different for pets. This is good for their brain, joints, heart, and immune system. I know this is not something that you can see on the outside so it”s hard to say it”s working. However, I have noticed that after a few weeks of using this, our older dog, Hunter, appears to have more energy and is acting more like a puppy than the 8 year old dog that he is. I would have to say that this is because of starting the salmon oil, as this has been the only change we have done, but I”m really not sure. I guess I would have to continue using it to find out for sure, or stop using it and see how he behaves.

Salmon Oil for Pets

I will tell you this stuff does stink, but I haven”t noticed a change in doggy breath. It smells just like salmon does.

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I received this item for free or at a discount for my honest review.

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