Sleepless in Wherever – Ways for Coping With Insomnia

When dealing with Anxiety, insomnia can really be a problem. That said take a look at this guest post.

Sleepless in Wherever – Ways for Coping With Insomnia

  insomnia Insomnia is rapidly becoming one of America’s largest disorders. More people are sleeping less or not at all, and it’s affecting them and the economy in many ways. When you’re awake at 2 a.m and unable to sleep for days, this can soon take its toll on your health, productivity, relationships and life. Currently, more than 30% of all Americans suffer from insomnia, while one in two people between the ages of 40 and 60 experience the same thing. Oh, and about 90 percent of all individuals who suffer from depression tend to suffer from insomnia too. Unfortunately, it’s costing us in many ways. For instance, the National Transport and Safety Board estimates that every year, 100,000 accidents and 1,500 accident related deaths are caused by drivers who didn’t get enough sleep and were driving while drowsy. There’s also the cost implications. According to the Surgeon General, the U.S government spends $15 billion annually on sleep- related disorders, while the economy itself loses over $150 billion every year courtesy of workers suffering from sleep deprivation. What Causes Insomnia? There are many causes of insomnia. From psychological causes like anxiety and worry to physical causes like pain and discomfort. The truth is that when people are extremelyreally stressed and have serious problems to fix, sleep can elude them. After all, you can only rest when your heart isn’t troubled. But, if you don’t have any issues bugging your mind, your insomnia might be medically related. For instance, people suffering from arthritis, depression, chronic pain, hyperthyroidism, nasal allergies, asthma, and Parkinson’s disease will most likely find it diffi […]

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