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Kira’s Adventure

20160609_202232 Well so far it’s been a few weeks since my daughter left home. I guess so far she is doing really well. She seems to be enjoying her newfound freedom. She has a job. She got her first tattoo that she was so excited about. 20160609_202220 She said it’s not quite finished yet as she wants to put “Never give up” across the bottom of the tattoo. She already has a few other tattoos in mind that she wants to get. I pray that everything continues to go well for her and that she grows up enough to continue living on her own. She has even been blessed with having a friend she went to school with living close by. 20160609_202224 I have to say I am glad she is doing well, but I miss her being at home. Sometimes I wish that things wouldn’t work out for her just so she would be back home, but then I remind myself that she is an adult and needs to figure out what she is going to do with her life. So, I wish her well and hope that she figures it all out. I only want the best for my kids, I guess I just sometimes wish the best for them was living at home….LOL. However, Aarron and I are enjoying our newfound freedom as well. Have a great day! Renee

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