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Well I guess summer is finally here. For the last few days we have been at or above 110 degrees. Because of this, I consider myself fortunate that I have not lost any chickens to the high temperatures. However, I have done a few things to help them stay cool. 20160606_130524 We got a small pool for them so they can climb in to cool off a bit. I thought the duck would be all over this. As you can see from the picture above, she hasn’t gone in yet. I may have a duck that is afraid of water…LOL. In her defense though, other than the water basins, she hasn’t had the opportunity to be in water yet, but she is only 7 months old. In addition to their water, I have added a couple foot soak tubs with water so that they can at least get their feet in the water to try to cool down a bit. I have been told that chickens don’t like to stand in water, but mine seem to have no problem with this. 20160606_130532 You can see the one standing in the water tub. Many people get the tub and add a brick or two so that the chicken can stand on the brick to cool off (I guess the water in the tub keeps the brick cool so that when the chicken stands on it he or she will cool off). I have not had to do this though. Finally, every hour or so, I go out and spray down the chickens and the run to try to help keep them cool. Thankfully as the week goes on it’s supposed to cool down (in cool down I mean not over 110) so keeping them cool shouldn’t be as bad. I just hope the duck (Meena) will start to use the pool. Have a great day! Renee

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