Better Week

So far this week has been much better. My daughter started a new job (hopefully this means she will continue to live in town rather than moving back out here soon, but we shall see), we haven’t lost any more chicken, and Aarron (the hubby) is able to start putting weight on his leg again. 10169255_10152345114219555_7024250470804417978_n The doctor said his leg is healing really well and he is allowed to start using it again. I hope to have pictures of the most recent x-rays later today, but that depends on if Aarron remembered (or was able to) take them. Kira started a new job on Monday. It is close to where she is living so hopefully she will actually grow up a bit and be able to live on her own (or well at least not at home with me…lol). I have to say though, after 24 years of always having at least one kid with me, it is very strange to now find it is just me and the hubby. Kira at the lake My dad also turned 82 yesterday. Surprisingly he is doing real well considering we almost lost him a year and a half ago. He is now pretty well back on his feet and wanting to go back to work. Which by the way he was working full time up until his trip to the hospital in January 2015. 11020752_10153344121009555_1554940243285356976_n This was actually taken on his birthday last year, but he still looks the same. As for the chickens, we still have 6 female and 1 female duck so I am still getting a lot of egg […]

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