Garden Success!

20160527_120823 Do you see that? I have Strawberries! After checking this morning, I have 4 strawberries growing, I have flowers on my cucumber plant and on the pumpkin plant. I am so excited! Other than the lettuce I have not been able to grow anything until now! I knew that talking to Grandpa would help. Even our tree is growing really good. Although I can’t take all the credit, my daughter has helped (before she moved out) with some of it – especially the lettuce. And I got a new tool to use, because I thought I was over watering – which I was. But I picked up this nifty hygrometer.   It’s amazing how well it works. I am hoping that now that I know how much I am watering that my plants will do better. I know that I feel better about it now because I am not guessing on whether they need to be watered or not. I know if they need it or not. So hopefully, on my next update on the garden, I will be able to show beautiful, healthy plants (maybe with a little fruit or veggies on them too). Have a great day! Renee

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