April Photo Challenge Day 30

April photo challenge Day 30 (Last Day 🙂 ) Summer plans We since hubby got hurt and is in essence taking his vacation now, we probably won’t be able to do much this summer. Plus with his leg the way it is he still has 4 weeks before he can maybe put any weight on his injured leg. So, it looks like this summer will be full of reading and school.

Books on my kindle that I haven't read yet.
Books on my kindle that I haven’t read yet.
I still have a many, many books on my kindle that I haven’t had the time to get to yet so that is what I will be working on over the summer. For me, this is a good way to pass the time during the day when I stay in because the temperature is usually around 110 during the day. I don’t do heat very well and can only handle being out in the heat for an hour or so at a time (if that). So, no regrets as I love to read anyway, and I usually don’t have the time to do it so it will still be a good summer. And if hubby’s leg gets better quicker (as he is thinking it will) we may still be able to get in a camping trip or two before the summer is over. Just have to wait and see what happens there though. Have a great day! Renee

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