April Photo Challenge Day 17

In response to April Photo a day Challenge April photo challenge Day 17: Fav. Actor/Actress

http://jazzmatrix.com From Roadhouse
Is this not the sexiest man you have ever seen? Sam Elliot have been my favorite actor for so long. I think the first movie I remember seeing him in was Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze (another favorite actor).
ravepad.com from Tombstone
ravepad.com from Tombstone
When he played in Tombstone (filmed partly at Old Tucson, where I worked at the time), I got to meet him and several others in the cast of the movie (Val Kilmer, Goldie Hawn (no she isn’t in the movie but was there with Kurt Russel who is), Kurt Russel, and Jason Priestly. All of them were amazing people with the exception of Jason Priestly who was a jerk. That was a great day! Have a great day! Renee

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